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Drink For A Cause

A portion of the proceeds from every bottle of Sozo wine are given to charities that are making a meaningful impact in our communities and abroad.

The fun part? You get to choose what cause gets the donation.

Together with those drinking Sozo wine, hundreds of thousands of lives have been transformed over the last ten years.

World Changers Tiles_Meals.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Water.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Medical.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Safe Nights.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Veterans.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Trafficking.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Education.jpg
World Changers Tiles_Homelessness.jpg

Helping others is the core of our mission.

Award-winning wine makes it fun,

wine aficionados like you make it possible.

Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_2.jpg
Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_12.jpg
Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_1.jpg
Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_9.jpg
Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_11.jpg
Sozo Wine Generosity Portraits_6.jpg
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